CITB Leadership & Management Courses

JRS Training CITB Leadership & Management

CITB Leadership & Management Courses

JRS Training has been approved to deliver three CITB Leadership & Management short courses, making us one of only a handful of Approved Training Organisations in the country able to deliver these qualifications:

  • Planning and Monitoring Work
  • Delivery of Site Operations
  • Understanding Commercial Awareness

Each course is aimed at supervisors who require or desire extra upskilling in various areas including allocation and monitoring of work, site operations, people management, and commercial awareness. There is a CITB grant available for each qualification.

Planning and Monitoring Work

Duration: 1 day

CITB Grant: £140

Ideal for supervisors who require more of the knowledge, skills and confidence associated with improving quality and team performance.

Course Content:

Working within organisational guidelines

  • Understanding organisational policies
  • Allocating work in compliance with policies

Motivating and monitoring a team

  • Understanding SMART objectives and their uses
  • Creating SMART objectives to achieve goals

Planning and allocating work

  • Allocating work to meet team objectives
  • Methods and stages of allocating work
  • Checking team members’ understanding

Monitoring team performance

  • Methods of performance monitoring
  • The impact of monitoring performance on the plan

Rectifying underachievement

  • Identifying underachievement against the plan
  • Actions to rectify underachievement
  • Long-term prevention of underachievement

Delivery of Site Operations

Duration: 2 days

CITB Grant: £240

Ideal for budding supervisors who require further support with the skills, techniques, and confidence required to effectively supervise a team.

Course Content:

Setting and achieving targets

  • Understanding organisational targets
  • Setting SMART objectives for the team
  • Monitoring and controlling planned activities

Fulfilling environmental responsibilities

  • Describing environmental issues that affect planning
  • Identifying fulfilment actions as a supervisor

Improving individual performance

  • Improving performance through clear work allocation
  • Assessing and supporting individual performance

Overcoming variances

  • Describing possible causes of variances in context
  • Explaining actions to overcome variances
  • Describing and rectifying poor performance

Importance of quality management

  • How a supervisor can improve quality on site
  • Explaining how quality is monitored and recorded
  • Understanding how method statements support achievement of quality standards

Understanding Commercial Awareness

Duration: 2 days

CITB Grant: £240

Ideal for motivated supervisors who communicate with stakeholders and are keen on having a larger role in the overall commercial success of the business.

Importance of stakeholder relationships

  • Identifying internal and external stakeholders
  • Explaining role of supervisor in stakeholder comms
  • Understanding customer service standards

Meeting client requirements

  • How the supervisor monitors client requirements
  • How client feedback is used by the supervisor

Managing and controlling costs

  • Supervisor’s role and responsibility in controlling costs
  • Cost impact opportunities

Minimising waste

  • Identifying potential waste sources
  • Describing techniques used to measure waste
  • Main benefits of managing waste
  • Creating an action plan to minimise waste

Importance of record-keeping

  • Purpose of record-keeping for the organisation
  • Key information to be recorded by the supervisor
  • Labour, plant, and material records

To find out more information about these courses and discover how you can claim your CITB grant, please get in touch!