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At JRS Training and assessment we consider ourselves the number one Provider of Vocational Management Qualifications for the construction industry in the UK. In the past 9 years we have helped over three thousand students gain the qualification of choice for many employers – National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).

We have worked with companies both here in the UK and Overseas. Our track record is second to none; we do not use sub-contractors and our prices are fixed and without doubt very competitive. And unlike some providers we do not charge you for any advice or guidance that you may require, if we can help we will.

About National Vocational Qualifications

NVQs are qualifications delivered in the workplace or settings that replicate the working environment. They are outcome based with no fixed learning programme, permitting flexibility of delivery to meet the individual’s needs.

With NVQs there are no exams to take and no formal entry requirements, only that the candidate can demonstrate they have the correct level of workplace experience to undertake the NVQ level they wish to attain.

NVQs are based on UK National Occupational Standards (NOS). These standards define the competencies, knowledge and understanding needed in a given occupation and identify outcomes which can be assessed.

The standards (NOS) are set and designed by the experts from within the construction industry – all NVQs are recognised and approved by the UK Government and have to be delivered by an Assessment Centre which has been approved and vetted by the Awarding Body for the Qualifications in question.

Awarding Body

All our supervisory and management qualifications are awarded in partnership with Pearson EDEXCEL who are the largest awarding body of these type of qualifications here in the UK.

NVQs Levels Explained

NVQs are at different levels i.e. 1 to 7 depending on sector. This allows the learner to study at a level that is appropriate to their role in the workplace and the level of experience they hold.

In the Construction sector the NVQs are awarded at the following levels: 1, 2 , 3, 6, 7. The old level 4 in Site Management has been updated by the new NVQ at level 6 in Site Management and the old level 5 Project Management has been updated by the new NVQ level 7 in Senior Construction Management .

Level 1 – would involve a learner whose role would include activities which are routine and predictable e.g. working on a production line or a role which requires a lot of supervision.

Level 2 – would involve competency that requires the application of knowledge in a significant range of varied work activities, collaboration with others and working as part of a team would be expected e.g. working on a construction site as a joiner/bricklayer/painter and decorator.

Levels 3 to 6 – would involve competency that requires application of knowledge in a broad range of complex, technical or professional work activities; this may include being responsible for the work of others and the allocation of resources e.g. Site Foreman or front line Site Manager.

Level 7 – would involve competencies at a very high level that a learner should be able to demonstrate, including technical and professional skills, personal accountabilities, design, planning and execution of duties expected of somebody working in the role of Construction Site Management at the most senior level and could include Contracts Manager, Project Manager or Company Director. As level 7 is the highest NVQ that you can undertake it should only be undertaken if you are confident that you can demonstrate construction management skills at the most senior level.

As NVQs are in levels there is an opportunity to progress accordingly, in fact we have had several candidates complete an NVQ at one level then at a later date progress onto the next level.

When this happens we always give the candidate a loyalty discount off the relevant fee.

Assessment Process Explained.

NVQs are delivered by assessment of evidence from the workplace which demonstrates the learner’s skill levels. Assessment can involve the candidate completing documentation explaining how to use the evidence in the workplace and why they feel it demonstrates their competency. It may also include the learner being questioned on their experiences and knowledge by an NVQ Assessor.

Assessment can take place in the learner’s workplace or the learner may choose to be assessed remotely via the internet using Dropbox.

Timescale for completing any NVQ is down to how quickly a learner can meet the standards required and demonstrate this to their Assessor. This can be achieved by the learner completing and submitting a learning file or portfolio which would contain completed work.

Normally however, we find that most of our students complete their NVQs within 3 to 6 months depending on their experience.

An Assessor is someone who has worked in the same industry and in a role at the level they are assessing. They must hold the relevant assessor qualification/award and have gone through a training and assessment programme with an approved training provider.

Quality assurance is conducted throughout any assessment process with internal and external checks carried out at all stages to confirm that the learner has undergone the correct assessment and all standards have been met.

NVQs are made up of units of competency. In order to achieve any qualification a learner has to decide which units they wish to be assessed in and then complete them to the required standards to allow the assessor to sign off the qualification and award the certificate.

Here at JRS Training and assessment we work with our clients to identify which NVQ level the candidate is at and what qualification pathway would be the best one for them to enrol onto. By vetting and recommending qualifications which a learner can attain, JRS Training and assessment has been able to maintain a very high success rate with our students – over 97%. Unlike other providers who merely wish to provide you with a card, we carry out an assessment of your skills and competencies as a manager or supervisor and award you with an NVQ qualification which is both CSCS and CIOB approved. In fact all our management qualifications comply with the CDM regulations 2007 which require site management to be “trained and competent”.

Remember having a CSCS card is not the same as holding the relevant qualification which has been independently assessed and certified.

Our current charges and invoice terms:-

NVQ Level 3 @ £1200 plus VAT (CSCS Gold card approved)
NVQ Level 6 @ £1800 plus VAT (CSCS Black Card Approved)
NVQ Level 7 @ £1995 plus VAT (CSCS black card and CIOB approved NVQ for fast track MCIOB)*
*Details on CIOB Membership and application process can be found at

Payment terms are fifty per cent of the fee on enrolment with the balance due on completion of the award. Payment is either by debit card/credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

Please note there are no additional fees as all costs including any site visits are included in the price quoted.

Candidates working outside the UK 

As our Management level NVQs can be verified up to degree level status they are recognised and approved for anybody wishing to apply for a work visa in the following Countries – UAE – Saudi Arabia – Qatar and Australia.

For advice on getting a work visa you should speak to the Embassy of the Country you wish to work in but as a general rule you will need your certificates certified and attested here in the UK first.

We pride ourselves on delivering a first class service and look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. Please review our feedback from previous clients which can be found under the Testimonials link on the JRS Training and assessment website.

As you are the Candidate, we do not speak to your employer unless you want us to. It is your NVQ and any work produced by you will only be assessed and viewed by your assessor and if required by inspectors from the Awarding Body for audit purposes.

Should you require any further information or would like to enrol please feel free to contact our offices on 01202 681979 and we will be happy to help.
For international enquiries please email James the Director for International Sales, at