Getting the Most Out of Your Construction Training Courses

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Getting the Most Out of Your Construction Training Courses

Have you ever attended a course just to forget everything you’ve learned by the time you’re back at your desk? 

You wouldn’t be the only one – even the best courses can be information overload if you’re not prepared. Before your next course, read our tips below to get the most out of your training ⬇️

  1. Do your research

It might sound obvious, but before you attend a course, you should take some time to fully understand what the course is going to cover. It will help you greatly if you’re armed with some knowledge of the concepts included in the course and will allow you to spend more time developing your understanding. 

If there’s any pre-work set, do it!

2. Make some goals

Instead of just attending the course in the hope you’ll learn something useful, think about what that ‘something useful’ would be. Why are you attending the course? Has your employer sent you on it, or did you sign yourself up? What are your responsibilities in your role and how does the course fit into these? What do you find challenging? What do you find interesting?

3. Get involved

There’s only so much you can learn, and especially retain, through silent observation. Take advantage of your access to an expert by asking your instructor questions. If you’re feeling less confident, build relationships with the other learners on the course during breaks so you feel more comfortable speaking up to share your ideas.

4. Connect the dots

Relate what you’re learning to real scenarios you’re likely to encounter at your own workplace – this will confirm that you’ve understood and make it a lot easier to remember. 

Throughout the course, make a note of any actions you think of as and when they arise, instead of trying to test your memory at the end of the session when everyone else is packing their bags. Actions don’t have to be complex – the simpler and more easy to measure, the more likely you are to do them.

5. Pass it on

When you’ve been out-of-office for a course, it can be really easy to slip straight back into work the second you return and forget all about your training until you’re asked to reflect on it three weeks later and can’t remember a thing. Fit in an hour of development time in your calendar as soon as you can upon your return (or, even better, book it in before you go on the course), and spend it reflecting on what you’ve learned and how you’re going to use it. 

Share your new-found wisdom with your peers. Have conversations, summarise your experience in a meeting, or better yet, run your own training session using the tools you’ve learned.

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