ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme)

ELCAS are the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services. The Ministry of Defence brought in this scheme with the aim to help resettle ex-forces members into a new career. To do this, they are helping to fund their career education courses after or during their service in the military. When enlisting in the forces you will be asked whether you want to opt into the ELC scheme. However, you may be eligible to apply for ELC even after retiring from service. You can also continue to claim ELC for a decade after leaving your role in the forces. The scheme was set up in order to help ex-forces’ settlement into work life and help them with career goals and personal development.

What is ELCAS Funding?

ELCAS funding in the format of ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits). These ELC can be used on numerous types of academic courses throughout education. These credits serve as a boost to help retired service personnel a chance at a new career outside of the military. This is an excellent incentive to learn new skills and pursue a career that you’ve always wanted. If you’re no longer in service, you’ll have to provide your last full day of service and other information such as your address. You’ll also need to include information such as which course you’re planning on taking.

Why Do You Need Funding?

One of the many benefits of working in the armed forces are the educational benefits, such as ELCAS funding. This scheme provides service personnel with the reassurance that when they leave the forces they have a career opportunity waiting for them. It also gives reassurance to current forces personnel that if they do want to leave, they have an opportunity to enjoy a new and exciting career when they do It can take a massive strain off of those who have just left the military and are settling back into normal life. This funding can dramatically help with adjusting to life after serving. It is also a nice incentive to join the military even if you know your true passion lies in construction or another sector.

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How to Claim?

Step 1: Complete the ELCAS Claim Form (download form) quoting the following provider:

Provider Name: JRS Training and Assessment
Provider ID Code: 11123

Step 2: Those that are currently still serving in the military will need to obtain a Claim Authorisation Note from your line manager and education staff.

Those that have finished their services will need to obtain a Claim Authorisation Note from their Single Service Representative.

Step 3: Once your claim has been accepted, please give as a call on 01202 681525 and send us your Claim Authorisation Note to begin the enrolment process.

Where can I find more information about ELCAS?

Click here for more information about ELC