CITB Grants

Find out if you’re eligible for a CITB grant payment and discover our range of grant-eligible courses.

What are CITB Grants?

CITB provides grants for construction industry employers who provide training for their workforce. The Grants Scheme helps the industry maintain high standards, making sure people are being trained in the right skills for the industry to thrive.

Grants are paid upon completion of a course or qualification.

Who can apply for CITB grants?

All employers registered with CITB can apply for a grant.

Grants are available to employers of all sizes, whether or not you pay a levy to CITB. This means that if your company is registered with CITB but is eligible for the Small Business Levy Exemption, you can still receive grants.

You must be up to date with your Levy Returns before making your application. This rule applies to all employers seeking grants for their employees.

How to apply for a CITB grant

You must submit your application for the grant within 52 weeks of the achievement date.

Visit the CITB website to download the grant application form and find out where to send it.

When you send the application form, you’ll also need to attach a copy of your achievement certificate or notification email from the relevant awarding body, or your application will not be accepted.

Can any training company provide CITB approved courses?

Your chosen training provider must be a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) in order for you to receive the CITB grant. This is to ensure the course you receive is delivered to the expected standard by a qualified trainer.

JRS Training is a CITB ATO based in Dorset.

Which CITB grants are available with JRS Training?

All of our courses come under either the CITB’s Short Qualifications grant scheme or the Short Course grant scheme.

Short Course Grants

You can also apply for grants for short courses which last from 3 hours to 29 days and are focused on the core construction skills needed across the industry.

Short Qualifications Grants

You can apply for between £300 and £1500 for the achievement of qualifications at Level 2 and above that take less than a year to complete. These include NVQs & Diplomas.

Our CITB Grant-eligible Courses

Please see below for full details of our CITB grant-eligible courses.

Short Courses

Tier Qualification Grant
3 Delivery of Site Operations & Logistics £240
3 Understanding Commercial Awareness £240
3 Solving Problems and Making Decisions £240
3 Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) £240
3R SMSTS Refresher £120
2 Planning and Monitoring Work £140
2 Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) £140
2R SSSTS Refresher £70
1 Health & Safety Awareness £60
1 Directors Role for Health & Safety £60
1 Asbestos Awareness £60

Short Qualifications

NVQ Level Qualification Grant
7 Construction Senior Management £1500
6 Construction Contracting Operations Management £1500
6 Construction Site Management £1500
4 Construction Site Supervision £1250
3 Construction Contracting Operations £1250
3 Occupational Work Supervision £1250
3 Demolition (Construction) £600
2 Plant Operations (360° Excavator) £600
2 Plant Operations (Forward Tipping Dumper) £600
2 Plant Operations (Ride-On Roller) £600
2 Removal of Hazardous Waste (Asbestos) £600
2 Trowel Occupations (Bricklaying) £600
If you aren’t sure whether the course you’re looking for is covered under the CITB Grant Scheme, please get in touch.

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