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The UK, including Dorset, is full of opportunities for those aspiring to gain their NVQ 3, and in turn, their CSCS Gold Card. Enrole on the NVQ 3 in Occupational Work Supervision with JRS Training to earn your place in the industry.

About the Qualification

This qualification is appropriate for employees in the construction and the built environment sector working across a broad range of areas wanting to achieve their Gold CSCS card. The award is designed to assess occupational competence in the workplace where learners are required to demonstrate skills and knowledge to a level required in the construction industry.

About the Gold Card

Gold CSCS Card

Gold CSCS card denotes a high level of skill, experience and competence. There are two versions of the Gold CSCS card, skilled worker card and supervisor card.

As more and more UK construction sites require all of their workers to be CSCS certified it is becoming increasingly important for construction professionals to the have there CSCS card.

The supervisor Gold CSCS card is for construction site supervisors who hold the level 3 or 4 construction NVQ or SVQ.

In order to qualify for either Gold CSCS card you must have sat and passed a CSCS Health, Safety & Environment test. You must also have a construction NVQ award at level 3.

What are the potential job roles for those working towards these qualifications? Construction supervisor/manager.

What progression opportunities are available to learners who achieve this qualification?

This qualification allows learners to demonstrate competence in occupational work supervision at a level required by the construction and the built environment industry. Learners can progress across the level and size of the construction and the built environment competence and knowledge qualifications and into other occupational areas such as team leading and management.

PRICE: £1,200+VAT